It is not a coincidence that L-Y-O-N chose two artists like Artemisia Gentileschi and Michelangelo Merisi, know as Caravaggio.               

On one side a woman who struggled to affirm not only in her time, but also in the following centuries, her own personality, her own artistic independency, thanks also to the strong inspiration towards Caravaggio. Him with its strong point, the light, he managed to represent in his painting the naked reality.
The figures are very humanized, he takes models from the street and inserts the scenes in modest places, such as taverns; even the fruit is made extremely realistic because it is almost rotten, seizing the moment as it is, without idealizing it. Caravaggio overturns, compared to the past, the concept of holiness: in the saints, the halos are barely visible, because he thinks that holiness is among the humble people.
This is the spirit that L-Y-O-N is constantly inspired, strive so that his nature can triumph. Artemisia Gentileschi and Caravaggio are an example in the way art has managed to overcome the centuries. This is L-Y-O-N’s philosophy.