L-Y-O-N artists come together every day to brainstorm about what new topics and styles to represent in our garments - taking inspiration from fashion, current trends and the whole artistic and non-artistic panorama that surrounds us. We are looking for that inspirational flash which comes to an artists’ mind, which is then sketched out and developed further.

The next step is to bring this draft back to the various garments, which have a canvas sewn on the back - our signature Canvas Hoodie or T-Shirt. It is up to the artist to respect the boundaries of the white canvas, or invade it by extending through it.

Now comes the most exciting moment for the artist: painting. At this point there are no more mathematical or physical rules but only expressive freedom. We soak the brush in color and paint it onto the fabric according to the lines and shapes of the subject to be represented, so as to create backgrounds, shades, lights and shadows - resulting in an exclusive, one-in-the-world hand made product, to be distributed online and to various historically high end fashion boutiques.